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sustainability and transparency

Nachhaltigkeit und Transparenz

If we want to preserve the planet and our habitat in a humane manner, we urgently need to intensify the fight against climate change.

A big part of this is also moving our comfortable transportation towards climate-friendly alternatives. The keyword electric car is often mentioned here, but where will all the energy come from to supply it, not to mention the charging infrastructure? Or can we only use public transport to travel the fixed routes and thereby severely restrict our freedom?

We neither want to give up independence nor switch to half-thought-out “solutions”. But can the two actually be combined?

The perfect candidate for covering short to medium-long distances comfortably and individually is the e-bike. Unfortunately, there is the big drawback of the lithium battery, which is not used to directly store renewable energy, sometimes has too little range and is tied to the charging infrastructure with several hours of charging time.

With Solarride, we have developed a concept to supply the e-bike with green energy everywhere, free from the disadvantages, and thus making it part of the solution today. Our product is a retrofit kit that wastes as few resources as possible and allows all e-bike riders the freedom of their own solar power plant. You can also save yourself the expensive expansion of charging stations, which is currently gaining momentum.

But a climate-friendly product is not enough to make a positive contribution to the environment. For us, longevity, high quality and production in Germany are also important and for this we also accept the price with a material cost share of 75%.

The unique charger comes from the German company Sunload, which has been manufacturing and selling the product in Berlin for many years. Sunload relies on the highest quality standards and tests so that you can get the most out of the solar panel and rely on the energy supply. SunLoad's charging technology has already been on some extreme tours, such as Susanne Brüsch's solar tour through Mongolia, so that you too can take on any adventure without hesitation.

We tried to find a German supplier for the solar panel for over 2 years, unfortunately without success. The problem in all cases was that the special requirements could not be met. For this reason, we looked for a supplier that is certified according to the special photovoltaic standards IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 and uses SunPower's industry-leading cells. Unfortunately, we only found what we were looking for near Hong Kong China, but with PV modules of the highest standard and ROHS-compliant production. The long-term goal is to produce our own solar modules, but until then we will offset the transport of the modules in order to still produce CO2 neutrally.

We have the solar panel carrier manufactured nearby in Bavaria by a medium-sized, traditional company. This was important to us not only for quality reasons, but also to support the local economy and have short transport routes. In addition, a large part of the energy required for production is generated by our own photovoltaic systems.

We are not perfect yet but we are doing everything we can to become so and we have immortalized this in our statutes with “Sales and production of environmentally friendly products”. Together with you, we hope to significantly shape the transport of the future and make a major contribution to the energy transition.

Thank you for your trust and here’s to a green future!

Your Solarride team

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