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Always supplied with energy, even without a power outlet

When you're on tour, you can use the solar station to equip your car, camper or boat with the charging technology you need to keep your e-bike ready to go anywhere. You can charge it safely, without any conversion losses, directly via solar power or, if the weather isn't playing along, via the 12 V on-board network. This means that your e-bike is always ready for tours of discovery, even in the middle of beautiful nature without an expensive power station.

From the sun directly into your e-bike

The e-bike solar station is the perfect solution for parking spaces without a power connection. Store solar energy directly in your e-bike with the closed plug & play system and ride all year round with your own green electricity. Become a part of the resource-saving solar mobility of tomorrow today.

Thought through

Electromobility can only succeed sustainably in connection with renewable energies and the existing charging infrastructure. With its large battery and relatively low energy consumption, the e-bike is the perfect candidate for this type of solar mobility with self-sufficient, location-independent supply. Together we can become one of the largest solar parks and make a decisive contribution to climate protection.