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Thought through

Electromobility can only succeed sustainably in connection with renewable energies and the existing charging infrastructure. With its large battery and relatively low energy consumption, the e-bike is the perfect candidate for this type of solar mobility with self-sufficient, location-independent supply. Together we can become one of the largest solar parks and make a decisive contribution to climate protection.


With the e-bike solar charging station 60 WP, you can conveniently charge your e-bike with solar energy at home, while camping or wherever you take the system with you. This mea...

innovative & high quality

Our product is the first of its kind, although it feels so natural to charge the e-bike with solar energy. In order to create the best experience for you, we have developed our product for years and produce it from high-quality materials in Germany.

powerful & flexible

The shade-optimized solar panels get the most out of the SunPower cells through the charger with MPPT tracking. And if the weather doesn't play along, you can charge your e-bike with the charger at the normal mains socket or even the car socket.

uncomplicated & stable

The solar panel carrier and the charger are connected in no time at all via Plug & Play. You hardly notice the additional weight due to the distribution. You can also easily attach your saddlebags without the width getting in the way in traffic.

Our dream

Green, individual mobility

No one can say for sure what mobility will look like in the future. Whether e-fuels for combustion engines, e-cars, e-bikes, Hyperloop or even flying taxis: one thing is certain, it has to be climate-neutral. We, a young start-up from near Ulm, want to ensure that the e-bike becomes part of the sustainable future and offer you numerous advantages that make you even more independent and flexible. Together with you, we can make individual mobility green and make a significant contribution to the energy transition.