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Dear Solarride community,

The greatest challenge of our time is climate change. If we fail to keep the temperature rise below two degrees, the consequences will be catastrophic. In order to achieve this goal, the energy transition towards climate-friendly, renewable energies must take place as quickly as possible.

We, a young team from near Ulm, have set ourselves the goal of making a decisive contribution to the energy transition by enabling climate-neutral transportation with unbeatable advantages. The advantages, from the significantly longer range to the independence of sockets and the (almost) constant readiness of the e-bike, open up numerous new possibilities. You can discover places that are actually far outside the radius, go on multi-day tours into untouched nature and take advantage of the good weather despite a low charge level.

What made the development of the Solarride One particularly effective is that we are passionate e-bike riders ourselves and designed the solution according to real requirements in order to leave nothing to be desired. We pursued this intensively for two years and now, after several prototypes, we are so excited that we became our own customers. However, we stand by the principle that you should constantly develop your product and pursue every approach, which is why we are very happy to receive suggestions for improvement from you.

We hope that together with you we can make a positive contribution to the world. Thanks to the Solarride community, our vision is to generate so much solar energy that the energy generated replaces a lignite power plant and we are pursuing this vision with full commitment.

Thanks for your confidence!


Solarride team