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E-Bike Solarladegerät SunLight


The Sunlight Charger is the perfect universal charger for e-bikes for more flexibility, performance and battery life. The device is developed for the direct, highly efficient and safe storage of solar energy in 36V e-bike batteries (Li-Ion) and charges the e-bike with a unique maximum charging power of 120W / 3.3 A. This avoids high conversion losses caused by buffer batteries and thanks to the maximum power point tracking, the charger always gets the most out of the solar module. The housing is waterproof according to protection class IP 65 and is therefore suitable for outdoor use.

In addition to solar energy, there is also the option of charging via an adapter cable at the mains socket or via the car socket. For charging via the 12V on-board network, deep discharge protection has been integrated so that the starter or living area battery is never over-discharged. This means you don't have to worry about supplies on your tours, as you will always find a way to charge your e-bike, be it plan A, B or C.

Many batteries from renowned manufacturers such as Bosch, Yamaha, Specialized, Brose and others can be charged using our adapter cables. The Sunlight charger automatically recognizes the e-bike battery and therefore different batteries can be charged using the adapter cable .

If you are unsure, simply contact us by email “”. We're happy to help you.

  • DC IN über 5,5 x 2,1 mm Buchse: 10,5 V bis 30 V, Maximal 120 W
  • DC OUT über XLR4: 37V, Maximal 120W, 3,3A
  • Modernste Ladetechnik mit MPP-Tracking
  • Anschluss über Solarmodul, 12V-KFZ-Adapterkabel und 230V Netzteil (optional)
  • Maße 82 x 32 x 100 mm zzgl. Adapter
Entwickelt und produziert mit höchster Qualität in Deutschland


Kontrolle der Ladeschlussspannung für lange Akkulebensdauer

Tiefentladeschutz der KFZ-Batterie

Schutz vor Übertemperatur, Überstrom, Überlast und Kurzschluss am Eingang (Austausch der Sicherung nötig) 


Sichere Ladung mit bis zu 3,3 A / 120 W

MPP-Tracking für maximalen Solarertrag

Hocheffiziente Spannungswandler für geringen Eigenverbrauch

Plan A, B oder C - Immer eine Lademöglichkeit!