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Solarride 60WP

230V-Netzteil + KFZ-Adapterkabel

With Solarride 60 WP you can simply power your e-bike with your own green electricity while on the go, meaning you can ride self-sufficiently for most of the year. Don't let the lack of charging infrastructure hold you back and discover the most beautiful places in nature.

Charging a 500WH battery per hour when aligned in a stationary position




Charging a 500WH battery per hour while riding





At a glance:

200+ free checkmark icons & checkmark images No disruption while riding
200+ free checkmark icons & checkmark images Battery-friendly and safe thanks to protective functions
200+ free checkmark icons & checkmark images Installed and connected in under 5 minutes - Plug & Play
200+ free checkmark icons & checkmark images Charge your e-bike battery directly without losses using MPP tracking
200+ free checkmark icons & checkmark images Rainproof and theft-proof in seconds        

Your e-bike or cargo e-bike is compatible if:

  1. Your e-bike has a lithium-ion battery with 36 V battery voltage (found on your battery or in the user manual)
  2. You can find your charging plug in our adapter cables (click here) to connect the SunLight charger to your e-bike

If you are unsure, just contact us by email at "" or by phone at 07345-5064394. We will be happy to help you.

*Charger display differs

Developed and produced with the highest quality in Germany
SunLight Charger

The incomparable e-bike charger

The waterproof charger is specially designed to store up to 3.3 A / 120 W of solar energy directly, efficiently and safely in your e-bike battery. The intelligent device always keeps the charging voltage in the right range, even with different power levels, and is therefore extremely battery-friendly. To guarantee safety, it is equipped with various protective functions, such as overload, overcurrent, short-circuit protection and control of the final charging voltage. In order to always get the most energy from the solar module, we have integrated MPP tracking and efficient voltage converters minimize self-consumption. In addition to the option of charging via solar, you can also charge your e-bike using an adapter at the 12V vehicle socket in the car and at the normal socket. This means you always have a charging option on your tours. Durability is extremely important to us, which is why we only use the highest quality components and coordinated heat management. You can attach the charger in no time at all with the clamp arm, with a fall rate of 0% in the test.

  • DC IN via 5.5 x 2.1 mm socket: 10.5 V to 30 V, maximum 120W
  • DC OUT via XLR4: 37V, Maximum 120W / 3.3A
  • State-of-the-art charging technology with MPP tracking
  • Connection via solar module, 12V vehicle adapter cable and 230V power supply (optional)
  • Dimensions 82 x 32 x 100 mm plus adapter

Your e-bike, as spontaneous as you

Nobody likes to wait until the battery has enough power and you can finally get going, not to mention the hassle of charging it. If you can charge anywhere, both problems are a thing of the past. Commute to work or make a spontaneous visit to a café at lunchtime and come home with a full battery.

suitable for off-road and everyday use

When attaching it to the saddle, we use four stainless steel screws rather than a quick-release fastener, so that you can really ride on any terrain without worry. We have the extremely stable frame manufactured in a traditional German company under the highest quality standards. To ensure that the cells retain their efficiency for a long time, the module is glued and screwed to the substructure and thus sustainably supported from all sides. You hardly notice the additional weight of 4 kg due to the weight distribution. Despite the powerful 60 WP solar module, you don't have any annoying excess width to the handlebars and there is enough space for your saddlebags.

Better to plan according to sights than charging stations

The most beautiful places in nature are usually where there is the least man-made stuff. Don't let the dependency on the grid put you off your dream tour and go with Solarride exactly where you want to go.

Powerful SunPower solar cells

The solar panel consists of industry-leading Sunpower cells with an efficiency of 24%. The cells not only produce the highest yield, but are also corrosion-resistant and extremely flexible. Thanks to the ETFE layer, our solar panel can withstand all weather conditions and still weighs only 0.7 kg. To guarantee quality, we use high-quality components, certified according to the latest standards.

Prevent your battery from aging by keeping it in the optimal charge range of 50 to 70% and avoiding harmful deep discharges.

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