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Solar ride 60WP


With Solarride 60 WP, you can easily power your e-bike with your own green electricity while on the move, allowing you to ride self-sufficiently for most of the year. Don't let the lack of charging infrastructure stop you anymore and discover the most beautiful places in nature.

At a glance:

200+ Free Checkmark Icons & Hook pictures Up to 50 WH / 1.4 A under clear skies (approx. 10 km range per charging hour)
200+ Free Checkmark Icons & Hook pictures No interference while driving
200+ Free Checkmark Icons & Hook pictures Battery-friendly and safe thanks to protective functions
200+ Free Checkmark Icons & Hook pictures Assembled and connected in under 5 minutes - plug & play
200+ Free Checkmark Icons & Hook pictures Charge your e-bike battery directly without losses with MPP tracking
200+ Free Checkmark Icons & Hook pictures Rainproof and theft-proof in seconds        

Your e-bike or cargo e-bike is compatible if:

  1. Your e-bike has a lithium-ion battery with 36 V battery voltage (can be found on your battery or in the operating instructions)
  2. You can find your charging adapter in our adapter cables (click here).

If you are unsure, simply contact us by email “”. We're happy to help you.

1x 60 HP flexible
Solar panel made from high-efficiency SunPower cells mounted on a steel solar panel support

1x charger
with MPP tracking for
max yield and real-time energy monitor

1x charger bracket
with clamp arm

1x spare parts and
additional fastening aid

Safe, efficient and transparent

The Sunload charger has been used safely for many years and, thanks to MPP tracking, always gets the maximum amount of energy from the solar panel. So that you can convince yourself of this, the solar power, charging current and charging capacity are displayed in real time. The charger can be securely attached with the clamp (Ø 45 mm) in no time at all with a fall rate of 0% in the test.

Powerful SunPower solar cells

The 120 WP solar panel consists of industry-leading Sunpower cells with an efficiency of 23%. The cells not only bring the most yield, but are also corrosion-resistant and extremely flexible. Thanks to the ETFE layer, our solar panel can withstand all weather conditions and still only weighs 2kg. In order to guarantee quality, we rely on high-quality components that we have checked by TÜV.

Prevent your battery from aging by keeping it in the optimal charging range of 50 to 70% and avoiding harmful deep discharge.